2013, No. 7 (24/7/13)

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ from Aberystwyth (Wales) where we are coming to the end of our visit to this our home church that sent us to Kenya in 1975! The Lord has continued to be so gracious in all the travels and in fellowship with many brethren who have shown such love to us. God willing we shall return to Kenya mid-August, which is not very far away. For this prayer letter Murungi Igweta, my fellow pastor in Nairobi, keeps you updated as to what has been going on in Nairobi in my absence.

Keith & Priscilla Underhill


“I appeal to you, brothers, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God on my behalf(Romans 15:30, ESV)

Dear Brothers in Christ,

In the last three months, I have been fully occupied in the ministry of the gospel at Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi. We have witnessed the grace of God mightily at work in strengthening the church, adding more to our numbers, and the brethren have grown in grace and knowledge of Christ. What a privilege it is to be a minister of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! I know that this has been made possible by your passionate and sincere prayers for me in the absence of Pastor Underhill. Though the burden of responsibilities has been enormous, the grace of the Lord has been sufficient.


The Lord has graciously continued to help me in the preaching of the gospel, pointing sinners to behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, for the salvation of their souls. I have been doing an exposition through the gospel of Mark, mornings and the second letter of Peter in the evenings during the Lord’s Day. Other brothers in the church have been covering different parts of the Bible. Through this, the Lord has continued to work in His church, equipping the saints for the work of ministry. There has been eagerness among many of our brothers to be involved in the sharing of the gospel. So, we have added two more brothers who are apt to teach, on the preaching schedule. We have encouraged others to begin Bible Studies in their homes and in different locations in the city. The University ministry has continued to go forth. Vincent continues to reach students in different campuses. I recently gave two papers at a University convention, on Scriptures Alone and the Sonship of Christ. As a result these endeavors, by the grace of God, sinners have come to faith in Christ and Christian love and fellowship has been cemented among us.


On 14th we witnessed the baptism of Winnie Odande and Gaitano Mbati and welcomed them into the church. More people have continued to express interest in the church. I am increasingly getting burdened for the community around the church, because this year two charismatic churches have been started around us, propagating the damning, health and wealth gospel, which is not gospel at all. Pray that the whole church will be burdened to pray and witness to their neighbours and relatives.


As result of the retirement of Joseph Ochola, one of the pioneer members, a long-serving deacon, former treasurer and Office Assistant, we are in the process of appointing two more men to the diaconate. Currently, we have five diligent deacons serving the material needs of the church. We continue to earnestly pray for the addition of more men into the Eldership. Please pray with us in this regard.

Grace & Truth Magazine

There has been a growing interest in reading this magazine and so we are continuing to increase our circulation. The 118th issue is out. We pray that the Lord will be pleased to use this resource to bring about a desire for the biblical truths of the Bible among the Christians and that the preaching of the gospel through print media will be used of the Lord to bring salvation into their lives.

The Meaty Forum

It is now over a year since the forum began and we have seen much spiritual change on those who attend. As a result, some have plugged into more Biblical local churches. On Friday 12th July we met again to discuss the subject of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. There were over eighty in attendance and there were myriads of questions on the subject. We finally were able to show them that, their experiences, however sincere, have to be examined in light of Scripture.

Grace & Truth Conference

Because of this obvious thirst and hunger for the truth, we are planning for a conference that will expound these truths. We are first going to deal with the doctrine of salvation so that we can set the records straight for those who may have been inoculated a dose of decisionism and other false doctrines, on how sinners come to a saving faith in Christ. This will be held from 5th – 7th September 2013. Please pray that many will attend and we will have the resources to host it.

Pastors’ Theological Course

This is the ministry that seeks to train and equip for ministry pastors from various parts of the country. Currently we have eight men: two from Trinity Baptist (who also serve as interns, Dominic and Vincent); Peter and John both from Baptist Churches within Nairobi; Noah, Hezbon and Eric from Western Kenya; and Barnabas from Mombasa. Our prayers for more teachers have been answered by the Lord because this year we have had Pastors Geoff Thomas of Alfred Place, Bill Emberley of Grace Baptist Church Nova Scotia, Oliver Allmand-Smith of Grace Trinity Church Ramsbottom, Ryan Devine and Ben Winarko of Reformed Baptist Church of Riverside teaching in March, May and July classes respectively (in addition to Keith Underhill). We continue to plead with the Lord to give us more teachers to help in administering this course. More resources are needed to expand its operations. The students have been under the tutelage of Devine and Winarko from 10th until 17th of July, learning the General Epistles and the Modern Church history (17th-19th centuries).

My Family

The Lord has graciously given me the responsibility to be husband to Charity for almost ten years now. Moreover, He has blessed us with two children Asaph (turned 9 on June 21st) and Ruth (will be turning 4 on August 12th). The third one is on the way and should arrive, God willing, early January. After frustrations with schools (both public and private schools) we have began home-schooling our two children. Though it is such a daunting task for Charity, yet so far as we have confirmed, it is worthy it. We recently moved nearer the church premises. This was so that we can deliberately and prayerfully labour at consolidating the community around the church in the neighborhood. This has also served very well in the home-ministry of hosting younger people for sleep-overs. It has become now very convenient for us.

Birthday in Africa!

On 16th July, it was Ryan Devine’s birthday and so for the first time he celebrated it in Africa! His kids were worried that he will miss his birthday this year. So my family, with the help of some church members and Ben Winarko organised a party for him in our home. It turned out to be such a pleasant surprise for him. We thank the two brethren for such sacrifice. We also extend our sincere gratefulness for his family and Riverside brethren for their willingness to send them to minister in our church.

In Christ’s service for God’s glory,

Murungi Igweta.