2013, No. 2

Dear Brethren

From 16th. to 23rd. January I had the privilege of teaching these 9 men ‘The Doctrine of Christ’. 6 of them were starting and what an encouraging group they are, very interactive. You might imagine what discussions there were on the subjects of Election and Definite Atonement. They talk much among themselves and are submissive to the Scriptures. PRAY the Lord will graciously raise up powerful preachers of the true Biblical gospel here in Kenya, our greatest need. Below are some details about each of the students.

Third Year

1. John Malala is a Pastor with Arise & Shine Church, Archer’s Post. He is ministering in a charismatic church and is struggling to grasp our doctrine.

Second Year

2. Dominic Ndung’u is an intern here at Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi.

3. Barnabas Olare is a Pastor with Gospel Missions Agency, Mombasa. He is brother to Elly Achok who finished the studies in Nairobi in 2012. God has given him a good understanding as he has had to wrestle with his background in the Word of Faith Movement. He has a teenage daughter with sickle-cell anaemia. He is ‘Chairman’ of the students!

PTC Students 2013

First Year

4. Noah Ikari is an Elder with Gospel Missions Agency, Mumias. Having been introduced to the doctrines of grace by Pastor Elly Achok he is so eager to learn and has so many questions!

5. Vincent Kajuma is an intern here at Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi, and is developing ministry amongst University students.

6. John Mutangili is an Assistant Pastor at the Solidarity Rescue Children’s Home, Kasarani, Nairobi. A church is being planted centred on this Home so we requested John to come and be trained.

7. Erick Omenda helps the Pastor of Upendo Reformed Baptist Church, Oyani. He is probably our youngest student, from a church formerly tied with Trinity but now having its own registration with the government. We are so thankful there continues to be this fellowship between us as sadly rivalry has been developing.

8. Hezbon Oronje is the Pastor at the Baptist Church, Matayos. He really pleaded to come on the Course, having only completed Primary education. He is also going to find the amount of work required hard as he supports his family by hawking clothes at markets, as well as pastoring the church.

9. Peter Otieno is a mature member of the Shauri Moyo Baptist Church, Nairobi. He is a relative of one of our members, from an Arminian type Baptist Church. Studying Election and then the Atonement first time really challenged him. Kenya Map

Eric & Jedidah Omondi are the newest members of the church. Eric came to see that the Reformed Faith is the Biblical doctrine through investigating home schooling on the internet. Though very well qualified Jedidah wants above all to be a mother, a rare thing in town. They are involved with others in the church is serious discussion about starting a Christian School in our premises.Eric Omondi Family

We postponed the Association meetings until later in the year because this coming week is when parents are searching for secondary schools for children who did their primary exam in December 2012 and about 8 of our leaders are involved. If you feel you can give some help towards such school fees it will be welcomed as costs for one child per year can be as high as $500/£300. A further reason is that a Deacon had died in one of the churches and a number are involved in his funeral (today).

I have also cancelled the safari to Pokot North due for next week. This is because I am still waiting to be granted my work permit which expires in the middle of the time I was due to be away. Also there is some unease about travelling just before the elections due on March 4th. We are hoping there will not be a repeat of the awful clashes of 5 years ago when more than 1,000 people died and some are still internally displaced. A number of high profile figures were indicted by the ICC in The Hague, and 2 of them have been allowed to run for office and could well win the election.

The Meaty Forum on February 8th. was of great encouragement. The 3 panellists, of which I was one, took up the theme of The Sovereignty of God. It was given to me to show how comforting a doctrine this is. There were 80 young adults present, and we talked and answered questions from the floor for 2 hours, with no break and no entertainment. We trust this is a sign that the Lord is doing something new in Nairobi and Kenya.

Thank you for your continued prayers. In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill