2013, No. 8 (30/8/13)

Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ from Nairobi. We arrived well late on Wednesday 14th. (2 weeks ago). The first week or so is always devoted to getting things clean and up and running. There always seem to be computer issues! Having now progressed to Windows 8 I have found it impossible to send out any emails since returning. Going out to get things solved can be ry time consuming because of the incessant traffic jams.

The first thing we wish to communicate to you is our deepest thanks in the Lord for your prayers while we have been away from Kenya these 4 months. We were able to visit very many of you and we were much encouraged by your warm fellowship in the Gospel, expressed in so many ways. From the end of May we were in UK and had the privilege of talking about Kenya and ministering in 14 local churches. Although most are smaller than TBC, Nairobi, and the cultural environment far more hostile than in Kenya, we were struck by the many efforts being made to bring the gospel – door-to-door, open-airs, beach missions. May the Lord help you to continue on faithfully, and may that day not be long distant when He will again pour out His Spirit on such an unworthy people!

Our first Sunday back in Nairobi (18th.) we were reunited with our brethren and it was a very joyful time. There were a number of new people who are wanting to be committed to the life of the local church. The ministry of the Word was profitable: A Sabbath Oriented life (Adult Sunday School), Mark 6:1-6 – Christ Rejected Yet Gracious (Morning), and Exodus 2:23-25 (Evening). There was also a well-attended Women’s Fellowship before the evening service at 4 p.m. Everyone said how much they had missed us, yet how much they have been encouraged by the church in the time we have been away.

Our second Sunday (25th.) was another encouraging time: the last in the series of A Sabbath Oriented Life taught by Eric Omondi, Ephesians 6:5-8 – God’s Instruction to Slaves, and 2 Corinthians 5:1-5 – Would You Prefer a Tent or a Palace? In the afternoon there was a Young Adults meeting with over 25 present! They led it and discussed the forthcoming Grace & Truth Conference, and the Book Club. The latter has taken off as they have been reading and discussing in many groups the book by Cheesman, Saving Grace.

I had hoped to write this before the RBAK (Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya) meeting of the past days. Although there were fewer delegates than normal, it was a most encouraging time, and I will report on it next time. The work of church planting and growth continues.


Please PRAY about the forthcoming ministries for the next 3 weeks:

(1) Preaching the next 3 Sunday mornings, continuing in Ephesians from 6:9.

(2) Grace & Truth Conference Friday 6th. & Saturday 7th. September. This is a new venture for us, targeting young adults, and presenting the ‘Five Solas’. We are expecting 60 to attend.

(3) PTC (Pastoral Theological Course) 11th. to 18th. September. I shall be teaching Old Testament History & Theology. Friday 13th. evening will be opportunity for a further ‘Meaty Forum’ on the Doctrine of God, especially the Trinity.

Urgent Requests

(1) Miathene. For the past year there has been a leadership struggle here. The pastor who was dismissed refuses to vacate the premises with the few people who remain with him. We have been advised that the best way is to hire a company to guard the premises day and night and to keep everyone out for a time. Please pray that a godly resolution will soon be forthcoming so the church can operate normally without any danger of open rivalry.

(2) Rendille. The church in Korr is struggling without a trained leader. Of the 3 leaders there, 2 are illiterate, but we still believe the Lord will use them and the church will be held together until a suitable man is found. Please pray the Lord will raise up men to lead here, and elsewhere.

Please continue in the fellowship of prayer on behalf of the work the Lord has entrusted to us. In Christ’s service,