P. T. C.

The students came for the 2nd. time this year, March 11-18, including 2 from Pokot North, Peter Nalunyit (Wasat) and Stephen Ong’ulo (Kasei). They were taught The Gospels and Acts by visiting teachers, Geoffrey Thomas (long time pastor in Aberystwyth, Wales, our home church), and former pastor Stephen Turner from New Zealand. We are very thankful to the Lord for their coming and their teaching.


Here are the students in the lecture room, many with their computers. The front two are from TBC Nairobi, Vincent (left) who we are seeking to set aside as an elder in some months, and Peter (right) who is very interested in ministering to the Rendille people. There was also David Awan Malek (back centre) from South Sudan who would like to return every 2 months for the PTC, but the only way is by air and the cost is great.


From 2nd. to 10th. March I went again to visit the work in Pokot North, together with 2 young men whose mothers are church members. They have both finished High School and are looking forward to taking courses that could lead to employment so that they can help support their families. As you can imagine, it was a life-enriching experience for them, a challenge to be thankful for what they have received, and to live of life of devotion to the Lord.

I had the opportunity to preach 3 or 4 times every day, both to the churches and to students in the schools we sponsor. The work is being consolidated, and it is expanding with many opportunities to bring the word of life.

imageAt APUR the congregation was swelled by church members coming down from the hills (behind). I preached on Acts 2:42 to encourage them to be fully committed to the life of the church, and on Matthew 26:41 that the Christian life is one of constant fighting against temptation.

imageAt KASEI we again found a nice shady spot to preach to the small group of believers. Joshua wanted me to encourage them to love the church so I chose to tell them about the figures in Ephesians 2:19-22, citizenship, family, and temple.

imageAt WASAT, as in every school we were able to visit, the children come together, and we bring them the word of God. This is a privilege we have as the sponsor, as well as being able to teach the whole school our doctrine in one lesson each Friday. To do this more effectively we need more preachers, and a programme for school assembly and the Friday class.

imageAt KAPTEREMA there is this beautiful Nandi flame tree under which the teachers have their ‘staff room’. It looks attractive until the wind gets up and blows a cloud of dust into the face! Bit by bit the Government is helping to build the necessary facilities, while we also help in supporting teaching so that there is a full complement of staff.

imageAt KAMKETO on Sunday morning 2 churches met together, along with the secondary school girls, and those who board in the primary school. Only the school hall was large enough to accommodate all who came. I had the privilege to preach on God’s love from 1 John 4:7-10, and our love from John 13:34-35.

imageAfter the service there was the usual ‘greetings circle’ outside and at least 250 adults and students were counted as being present.

imageThe Kamketo Trinity Girls’ Secondary School: Having an established boys’ school in Kasei with more than 200 in the 4 classes, and we have now started the girls’ school in Kamketo with a founding class of 16. We thank the Lord for the funds that many of you gave to enable us to construct one classroom, two toilet blocks, and to renovate a dormitory for their use. Imagine that these girls have 5 teachers for their various subjects, 2 part-time from the primary school, 2 who we support, and one funded from fees paid.

imageThe girls in Form One are about 14 years of age, all from the region of Pokot North, and some from local schools sponsored by Trinity Baptist Church. In order to take advantage of this opportunity we are sending Patricko Odhiambo there with his family to be a chaplain for both the Primary and Secondary Schools. He is from the church at Osani in South Nyanza and completed the PTC many years ago.

imageThomas Lokerisa, leader at These 3 men are sporting TRAIN T-shirts. TRAIN (Kenya) is the Charity in UK through which the funds for the School buildings has been channelled. From left to right: Andrew Chemolok, leader at Chepkinagh; Adan Mohamed, one of the young men who came with me.

imageHere are photos of the classroom, the inside of the dormitory, and one of the toilet blocks (long-drop), the latter I know not normally paraded as a photo! Having started the school, we now look to the Government to develop the infrastructure. As the girls sang their welcome they made know their need for solar lighting so that they can make best use of the evenings in reading. Remember it is always dark by 7 p.m. here in the tropics.

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