2012, No.10 (23/07/12)

Dear Brethren,
We write to earnestly solicit your continued prayers on our behalf as a family.  God has been so gracious to us and we desire His continued grace on our lives.


From 23rd July to 6th September she will be going by herself to UK to be with our children, Deborah and Matthew.  Matthew lives in Liverpool, and the first reason for the visit is to help Deborah with her children, Carys and Tomas, to move up to Liverpool to stay with Matthew. 


For the last 3 months I have been in Nairobi without almost no travelling.  I have been saving up for this time when Priscilla is away.  Please note the following schedule: 24th to 27th July – We have a mission to Mosiro in a remote part of Masailand only 50 miles directly west-south-west of Nairobi.  I am going with a number of brethren to investigate the possibility of church planting, together with Stephen Kakoiya from the Olgumi Church.  He is
from the Masai community. 28th to 30th July – On the way up north I shall stop for the weekend at Miathene where there have been serious problems of late with one of the Pastors.  He has refused to accept his suspension by his 2 fellow Pastors and there is a stand-off.1st to 14th August – I am spending 2 weeks in Rendille, first with brother Patrick Ochieng in Korr, and then with Raphael Bulkash in Ndikir.  There are some issues to sort out but I trust
this visit will be a real encouragement to brethren who are labouring in very difficult circumstances.17th to 21st August – After a brief turn around in Nairobi I will be visiting brethren in the Coastal region of Kenya, George Mwanjisi at Boyani, Barnabas Kuogo in Mombasa (1st year PTC student) and Titus Tumaini in Idsowe. 23rd  August to 2nd  September – To various places all over  West Kenya  where there are churches associated with TBC, Nairobi.  As well as encouraging brethren I shall seek to meet with Pastors together to give help and instruction.
Pray even for the old car that it may see me through, if we are allowed to pray for cars! 

– 1 -P.T.C.

Once again I had the joy of teaching the 7 students in the Pastoral Theological Course, 11th to 18th July.  We completed our studies in the Gospels and Acts and then did the intensive course on Hermeneutics.  I am so encouraged by their response and commitment. Nairobi The Lord has continued to be gracious to us here in the church with new people every week, some of them returning.   Last Sunday we interviewed a lady who was brought up in the
church, went into the world, and has recently professed faith in Christ.  We hope to have the joy of baptizing her in a few weeks.  There are a number of others on the way.  The practical sermons on the last verses of Ephesians 4 have been well received.  There seems to be an almost total dearth of Biblical preaching.  It is the doctrines of the ‘Word of Faith’ that are everywhere, and we have begun to consider this movement with its teaching on Dominion,
Positive Confession, Prosperity and Health in the Adult Sunday School class.  May the Lord raise up truthful and powerful preachers.

In Christ’s service,
Keith Underhill