Pastor Samuel Waswa Wafula & Mildred, 22nd. September 2019

Sunday Service greetings circle outside, 22nd. September 2019

Sunday Service in classroom 22nd. September 2019

Chelopoy Secondary Classrooms, 23rd. September 2019

Chelopoy Secondary Classroom, 6th. May 2019

Chelopoy Boys Construction 24th. April 2019

Chelopoy Trinity Boys Secondary School

The Chepkinagh Church has worked hard to get this new School off the ground, initially using the facilities of the Primary School. 8 students are in Form 1, and there are 5 teachers, of whom the Church is supporting 2. Thursday is a day for bringing the word of God to the students, and there are devotions with them, led by Samuel Waswa, every evening. The great need is for 2 classrooms and a dormitory. Later on the Government will step in, but at the beginning there is the expectation that the community with its sponsor (Trinity Baptist Church) will get the School off the ground.

Teachers & Students


Chepkinagh has a constituted church which is led by Andrew Chemolok.  He also has responsibility for the local churches in Kapyomot, Tarakit, Kapkaghun, Apur and Kiwawa (Nakorete).  He is helped by missionary Samuel Waswa who has now completed his TPC studies in Nairobi.  Samuel has particular responsibility for the schools. The Primary has the full 8 classes, with many in the upper classes being boarders; the Secondary has started with 8 students in Form 1.  As a church we support both Andrew and Samuel, and also employ 5 teachers in the Primary, 2 in the Secondary, a matron for the girl boarders, and maintain a motorbike for Andrew's use.


Andrew & Eunice Chemolok

Samuel Waswa & Family


Evening devotions in house

Farewell group



Preaching to pupils