Pastoral Theological Course (PTC)

The 8 students came for the 6th. and last time this year, 6-13th. November. Our course was The Letters of Paul. It was a rich time as we were able to go through large chunks of the Scriptures. This always tends to be an eye-opener as there is no background of going through Scriptures verse by verse.

We have also agreed to admit 4 new students to add to the 8. Others who have applied have been deferred to 2015 Lord willing. 2 out of the 6 times in 2014 there will be visiting lecturers. Please PRAY that (1) there will be more such guest lecturers as the amount of work involved in teaching and marking is too much for me together with other responsibilities, and (2) that we will find a suitable online course that will enable a few of our brethren to do more studies so that they can teach the PTC themselves in the future.

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