Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

AO visited us in Nairobi 8-21st. November. He was converted here in Nairobi in 1997 and resettled to Ethiopia in 2001. He came for a time of fellowship and strengthening of the links between us. His ministry in Addis is to broadcast the gospel to his S0mal1 people and to visit contacts throughout the region. Please PRAY for this vital ministry and that the Lord might be pleased to protect him from the many dangers. We also have NH as a church member here who struggles having no job, having had to divorce his wife, and having his children turned against him as a Christian.

We talked about the possibility of starting a genuinely reformed church in Addis Ababa, a place dominated by charismatics. There is already a small group meeting on Saturdays for Bible study. We are liaising with an Ethiopian Pastor in London.

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  1. Hi. Greetings in the Lord’s marvelous grace. My name is Douglas (Doug Merrick) and I am a member of Heritage Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA. I have been laboring in Tigray (northern Ethiopia) for 10+ years. I have heard about you, Bro Keith Underhill, through my pastor, Bro Paul Haines. I can sympathize with your perspective of AA being dominated by charismatics on the evangelical scene there. The same kinds of churches on a smaller scale are resident here in Mekele. Looking to dialogue with you, Lord willing.

    • Thank you Douglas. I do not go to the website often so have just found your post of 17th. January. I am now resident in UK (Liverpool) but in constant contact with Nairobi and AA by Skype. How often do you go to AA? I know my contact’s wife comes from northern Ethiopia, but I am not sure quite where. Looking forward to being in contact with you. In Christ, Keith

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