For almost one year we have had no trained leader in the church in Korr. The 3 evangelists have kept things going – 2 of them are basically illiterate, the 3rd. only has 6 years of education and no formal Bible training. We have prayed about this and considered who in Kenya we can send but so far we have not found anyone suitable who can go. Please make this a matter of urgent prayer. This community of about 60,000 is still very much unevangelized and through our many contacts the whole area is open to us. Big changes are underway in society with drilling for oil on the eastern border of Rendille. We need a dedicated man, with a passion for the lost, who will take Acts 20:24 seriously, and so tirelessly work to evangelize and build up the existing church together with the present leaders. Brethren, it is the Lord’s harvest and He has promised to raise up the labourers.

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