2019 September 21st. Preaching to Church

Meeting Place

Meeting Place by Lugga (dry river bed)

Traditional hut with mud roof so that raiders cannot set the house on fire, and traditional cooking stove (foreground)

Young boy playing in Lugga

Andrew Chemolok has been going to near a centre named Kiwawa for a number of months, and I made my first visit there last September. We went off the road/track, through the bush, got out and walked over a gulley, and there we found people waiting for us! Almost immediately I engaged an older man (Mzee Jackson) who had recently become very interested in the Word. He had been a formidable raider of cattle of the neighbouring tribes but the gospel has changed all that. I questioned him about his faith in Christ and he showed a good basic understanding which so encouraged us. The story goes that Mzee Jackson was at the Men’s Retreat held for the churches in July this year. There he spotted another Mzee, Domoo, who many years ago had also been such a noted raider. It may be an exaggeration but without more ado he immediately went to the man and embraced him, two wicked men saved by the same Lord! Sunday services are held, and they want us to help them to start a school as there is not one near enough to which they can send their children.n

ECD/Nursery Structure

ECD Children & Teacher

Talking with Mzee Jackson