Pastoral Training – TPC

Pastoral Training

We have developed a three-year course of study for men already engaged in Christian ministry. They come to Nairobi bi-monthly from Wednesday to Wednesday (8 days) for lectures. We want them with us over the weekend so they can experience the life of the church. At home they are expected to do a lot of reading and assignments and bring their completed work at the next session after the 2 months. Various experienced men locally and from abroad are the teachers.

Yearly Expenses

There are currently 7 students and we thank the Lord for providing so we can give them textbooks, photo-copied materials and accommodation.  They make a nominal payment of $10, £7 each time they come, and we expect them to fund their own transport costs.

For more information on how you could help, please see the TRAIN Ministry Page


Introduction to a three-year theology course

Introduction to Unit B0

Introduction to Unit B1