MIATHENE (22/9/13)

For more than a year we have not been able to meet in the church building, as it was taken over by a Pastor who was dismissed. We had to take the case to Court to seek to force him out, but there has been delay after delay. At the beginning of September, on the advice of our lawyer, we sent a security firm to seal the property, so no one was allowed entry for 3 weeks. On 22nd. September we deemed it right to seek to hold the first service in the building, as the dismissed man seemed to have given up. I went there myself and we had an encouraging day with about 40 adults in attendance for the morning service, lunch and afternoon meeting. I preached on Ephesians 2:8-9 to seek to remind them that as a church what we stand for is a salvation which is from God.


We are amazed that so many have remained for all these months just waiting for the church to meet again in its own building. Yes, there is too great an attachment to the building, but it also means that they have not found another church where they have been fed with the word of God in the same way. The next Sunday even more people came. This Sunday, Pastor Murungi is there (Miathene is where he was born and brought up!). I took up Martin Mokoyan, a PTC student of many years ago, to help the 2 Pastors in Miathene to bring stability to the church. Please continue to pray for the witness of the gospel of Jesus Christ in this place.

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