Progress Report

DATE: 19:08:11

RECEIVED: 06:09:11

Dear brethren,

Greetings in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.
I consider it a real pleasure to give you an update of the development in the spiritual realm here in Korr. The Lord reign! As a church we constantly enjoy His mercies each time despite the prevailing challenges. It is amazing to see how the Lord have graciously kept His church. We are fully agreed that nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ, and that our hope MUST be built in the living foundation stone- the lord Jesus Christ. What a wonderful experience we get in His word.

We are now through with 1 Timothy chapter four in our Bible study group. I took time to explain the proper meaning of verse ten the part which says, ‘who is the Savior of all men’. The term ‘all’ have been used out of context and the Roman Catholics have misled a majority into believing that universalism- salvation for all was effected when Christ died on the cross. Misinterpretation of the text indeed. We believe in particular redemption. I told them that Christ died to make salvation certain for his elect people, and God calls and justifies those whom he has chosen in Christ. Their salvation depends on God’s will, not theirs, though they do exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the cream of the gospel.

On Thursday we took time to pray for the work here in Kenya. We were disturbed by shocking news about the violence which erupted in most cities of England, including Liverpool where, according to the reports we have Pastor Keith acquired a house and that Mathew is currently residing there. We prayed for the peace to be restored and that the Lord be merciful to those who plan to do evil.

The Mission Aviation Fellowship- MAF brought some relief food to be distributed among the three churches- TBC, AIC and IPM. Each church received two sacks of flour, 30 kg of green grams, 30 kg of rice and 25kg of uji flour. All the glory to God. On behalf of TBC, I wrote the appreciation letter to express our heartfelt thanks for their good gesture. At least each family had something to eat for two days. What the Rendilles need at this hour of need is the small gift to sustain them. The word of God remains paramount in all spheres.

Beginning 22nd- 27th August 2011, there will be a youth retreat whose theme will be taken from Ps. 25:7. We have invited some other young people from local churches around.
At last the Member of Parliament brought the roofing materials for his house. Anytime next week our work may begin God willing. I think the reasons I gave were tangible as to why we settled on him. A week’s work is not a bother. It’s disheartening to see people continue to suffer for lack of food, despite Kenya for Kenyans initiative for raising hundreds of millions to help the victims. Since the fund was started, the Rendille people are yet to benefit. We are wondering whose cause the fund was initiated.

The Lord is blessing our efforts in reaching out people for the purpose of preaching the gospel. In a well attended service last Lord’s Day, one of the ladies who has been coming to our church for the last one year, made a profession and confessed her sins before the congregation and believed in Christ.

Please pray for more conversions. All we have witnessed are genuine because we ground them to the scriptures alone and exhort them to live by the word of God as their rule of faith.
– Pray for myself and all the people I minister to
– Pray for the youth ministry.

In Christ’s service,


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