2011, No. 17 (21/11/11)

Dear Brethren

The Lord has graciously seen us through a very busy time, but we continue to rejoice in all the opportunities He has given us, and the fruit that is being manifested.

Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi

New Members – Geoffrey Oguma and Emma Awour have been received as new members in the past few months. 

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Geoffrey has recently professed faith having been awakened to his spiritual need while watching a Christian video on a bus journey (this can happen on public transport here!) and then sitting under the word in the church for many months.  Emma has been a professing believer for a few years.  They are hoping to be married on 17th. December.  We are now 65 members normally resident in Nairobi.
New Deacons – Brothers Joram Momanyi and Kenneth Sakwa were installed as Deacons last Sunday with prayer and laying of hands in the morning service.  There are now a team of 6 men who we trust will encourage each other in this important work, especially as they seek to help the Elders.  We have an Elders/Deacons meeting on 28th. to talk about issues.
Sunday Ministry – I minister most of the time I am present, 8 out of the 11 times since we returned from leave: on the 1689 Confession in the Adult Sunday School (I have started chapter 31), on Ephesians in the morning service (3:7-8 last Sunday), and on Judges in the afternoon service (just 2 sermons so far).  Murungi has not been doing much as he has been a PTC student which has heavily involved him.  We are aiming that this ministry is available on our website.  We seem to be filling up on a Sunday morning and there is a serious attention to the word.  It was such a privilege to preach on ‘the unsearchable riches of Christ’ and you could have heard a pin drop.  Continue to PRAY for the Lord to save the many unconverted including children of members, some of whom are returning to attend after rebelling.

Pastoral Theological Course (PTC)
(1)    Units Y & Z – From 9-16 November we had the PTC students for the last time this year.   Unit Y on Cults and Other Religions was a bit difficult, but very relevant as JWs, Mormons, SDAs, Word of Faith, not to mention RCs, abound.  I am convinced that as a church we have got to warn people about all that is involved in the ‘Word of Faith’ movement which contains such basic heresies.  Unit Z on Pastoral Theology was a delight, but a great challenge.  I am not just concerned to lecture them, but to preach to them.  I sought to challenge them if they are really called to the ministry of the gospel.  We also seriously considered the issue of Scriptural praying in public from the Westminster Theological Journal (60:2, Fall 1998).  May I really recommend this – it has also been published in a book by the author, Terry Johnson, on The Pastor’s Public Ministry.
(2)     Men completing the PTC – 4 men completed the lecture requirements.  We had a special lunch together on the last day.  Each of the men said something about their learning during the past years, especially how helpful it has been to them, and then I was called upon to do likewise.  It was such an encouraging time of fellowship.

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John has recently commenced church planting near his home in west Kenya.  Fred is one of the pastors of Upendo (= love) Reformed Baptist Church which was recently registered with the government.  Murungi is my fellow pastor in Nairobi.  Donald returned this year to complete the PTC and started the work in Kima this year (see 2011, No. 10).
(3)    2012 – We are expecting a number of men to join/re-join the PTC in January.  One of our young men in Nairobi has applied to join and we are thanking the Lord for this.  I preached the other Sunday asking, “Can the Lord have given us so many young men in the church and none of them are called to preach?”  At present I shall continue to be the only teacher.  2 men who have shown interest are not able to come in 2012.  Will you please PRAY for this need, as it is the marking of the scripts that I am finding it so hard to complete.

Visit to South-West Kenya
From Thursday 24th. I am spending a long weekend in the west of Kenya with Dominic Ndung’u who is to join the PTC next year, Lord willing.  Please pray for the following busy itinerary:
Thursday: Leave before 6 am. to beat the traffic.  Meet Pastor David Ngetich in Litein after lunch time for a short meeting with Pastors in the area.  Proceed to the home of his fellow Pastor William Keter for a Bible study; then to David’s home and church (Glory Baptist).  David is the Chairman of the Association (RBAK) this year and his church will be hosting the meeting in February 2012.  Spend the night.
Friday: 10-1 meeting with church leaders.  Drive south to Oyani (2-3 hours) to speak to the men about leadership from about 4 pm.  Spend the night.
Saturday: Drive towards Lake Victoria to Osani (2 hours if it is dry!) for the Pastors’ Fraternal for the region, from 10 am.
Sunday: Drive further to the Lake for the constituting of the church at Osogo under the leadership of Elisha Ouma.
Monday: Return to Nairobi, hopefully by 5 pm. to join the Elders/Deacons meeting.
These are important days, especially as churches develop and leaders are spoken to.  I will need much wisdom in addressing them.  May they be encouraged and challenged. 

Again we do covet your prayers.  The car has spent many days being fixed again.  Priscilla has again to face my absence, but Carol will be with her.

In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

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