The PTC students came 5th. to 12th. November and we had a very spiritually profitable time on the subject of Pastoral Theology. As I sought to emphasize the priority of preaching, and preaching in one’s own local church instead of travelling widely, this became very convicting to them as they like to move around. We discussed much from the Scriptures about using the Bible in public praying, administering the ordinances, and conducting weddings and funerals. The latter are so important here, and we decided this may be so because people do not want to take the chance of being cursed by the spirit of the dead. Then we went on to how to counsel those with problems, and direct dealing is not something the average Kenyan finds easy.

clip_image002We came to the end of another year of the PTC on 12th. November. Over lunch we had the usual farewell speeches for the 2 who have completed all the lectures in Nairobi. Barnabas Olare (left) is from Mombasa (see 2014, No. 10). He movingly told us that if one met him now apart from his face he would be totally unrecognizable from 3 years ago! The Lord has changed him from being a preacher of Prosperity to Doctrines of Grace. Dominic Ndung’u (right) is a member of TBC Nairobi, and has been a ministry Intern for the past 2 years. He is particularly interested in working among children and youth and is taking charge of the forthcoming High School Camp and VBS.

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