The Lord continues to be so gracious in adding to our number.

· 8th. September. 3 young men were received into membership at the Lord’s Supper.

Tedd Atsulu Anyanzwa was born in a Christian family but later in life, by the grace of God, came to discover that he was not converted. In December 2007 he came to trust in Christ but struggled to locate a biblical church. When finally introduced to TBC he says it is the church he had all along wanted. He has been an avid listener of Al Martin and Paul Washer on the internet. He has recently graduated from University and is job hunting.

Edwin Kabui Karuga thought he was a Christian since he had responded to an altar call while in High School! He got very troubled one afternoon when he came to see us as the questions asked unsettled him in his ‘faith’. On 9th. June 2013 he was pierced in the heart by the preaching from 1 John 1:5-10 that “God is light”. He was so convicted of sin that he could barely sleep. There was no peace until he repented of his sins. He has also graduated from College and is looking for a job.

Johan Mortensen is a young man from Denmark who is spending some months with us here in Kenya. His father is the Pastor of the only established Reformed and Baptist Church in Denmark and who has had a great interest in the work here in Kenya. We are happy that he takes commitment to the local church so seriously that he wants to be a formal member although he will not be here a whole year.


Sarah Kane has grown up in the church and is now in High School (her mother is a long-standing member, and her father is a regular attender). At the beginning of the year her grandmother died in the Lord and she was greatly challenged asking herself what would happen if she were to die? The Lord used this to save her. She has to wait for baptism and reception into the church as she is at boarding school.

· 13th. October Kennedy Ooko Kitindah. He was converted August 2007 and came to know of the doctrines of grace through the internet. After studies at University and because of his interest in the dissemination of the gospel, he took a year of internship reaching out to students. After his recent relocation to Nairobi, he has continued with his passion for Christ to be known and so he is preaching to the Africa Nazarene University as well Kenyatta University students. He is passionate about missions and is considering theological studies. 


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