2012, No.17 (31/12/12)

Dear Brethren,

First, we give thanks to our God for sustaining us through another year. The Church in Nairobi has grown and remains united. The ministry is well received with sermons digitally recorded and published for the website, as well as videoed. We have 2 men serving as ‘Interns’ with a view to ministry. There have been monthly meetings called ‘Meaty Forum’ where up to 100 young adults have gathered each time to listen to a panel on various relevant subjects, the last being on The Centrality of Christ. The Pastoral Theological Course (PTC) has continued with 4 completing their 3 years of study, and 4 more so far accepted to start.

Second, we give thanks to you brethren in the Lord who read this for your fellowship expressed in messages, prayers and giving. The following ministries remain almost totally dependent upon you:

  • The ministry in Pokot North, where there are 5 trained leaders, 2 of them Kenyan missionaries,
  • 12 churches with a total of about 200 baptized members, 10 primary schools, and 1 secondary school that we sponsor.
  • The ministry in Rendille, where there have been 2 trained leaders (I reported about the resignation of one of them in No. 16) and 3 evangelists. There is one established church, and 2 church plants amongst a people who are largely unreached with the gospel. We run 7 nursery schools and sponsor 2 primary schools.
  • The PTC of about 7 students who come to Nairobi 6 times in the year for 8 days of teaching.
  • Providing school fees for secondary school for needy children, especially those of our church leaders in different parts of the country.

High School Camp from 6th to 12th

121212 High School Campers

December we hosted more than 40 High School students, double the number we had anticipated. It was organized by our 2 Interns who dealt with 8 of the studies on ‘Our Distinctive Doctrines’. We designed this Camp especially for the children of our church leaders in various parts of the country, and they came from every direction. We do not want them to feel isolated but to have meaningful contact with young people from other likeminded churches. A number of parents reported that their children had been greatly impacted by the truth taught.

Elders & Deacons

On 28th December we had our very first day-long retreat for the Officers of Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi. The main reason for calling it is because we 2 Elders feel overburdened and we wanted to put before our brethren the Deacons the need to take off our shoulders as much as possible that is not included under ‘prayer and the ministry of the Word’. There are so many opportunities before us beginning with the densely populated area around where the church building is located. There are more than 30 other churches that are in close fellowship with us, operating under our Government registration certificate. There is the monthly Meaty Forum and opportunities developing amongst University students. We have a 28 page magazine called Grace & Truth that we aim to publish 4 times a year. There is the possibility of a radio station and even a digital TV station. Then there are opportunities in South Sudan and Ethiopia. PRAY with us that the Lord will raise up labourers for His harvest field.

121228 Elders & Deacons


I shall be on safari away from Nairobi for the first 10 days of the New Year, God willing. Two young men will accompany me, Dominic one of the Interns, and Jimmy a new member. Please PRAY for me as I shall need great wisdom and stamina.

(1) Our first stop will be Miathene where the dismissed former pastor has refused to step down but it seems he is now willing to talk with me.

(2) On Wednesday 2nd. we head to Korr where our Kenyan missionary has recently had to resign. 7 young people from Korr were at the Camp and I look for much encouragement from some of these who are believers in the Lord. There are 2 active evangelists, one who has just 5 years of schooling and the other none. There are more than 30 church members whom we shall seek to encourage in the Lord.

(3) Before heading back to Nairobi on 10th we shall spend a few days with our Rendille missionary Raphael Bulkash in Ndigir where he is seeking to plant a church.

Leave mid-April to mid-August 2013 God willing, we plan the following basic schedule:

Mid April Leave Nairobi for Liverpool, UK.

April 23rd Leave Liverpool for Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

April 26th to 28th Missions Conference in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA.

May in Lorain, Ohio with Jonathan and family.

End of May return to UK.

June through mid-August with children Deborah and Matthew in Liverpool, and visiting interested brethren and churches.

Mid-August return to Nairobi, Kenya.

We hope we will have the opportunity to see many of you.

In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

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