2011, No. 1 (3/1/11)

Dear Brethren

First we want to thank the Lord for keeping us throughout the past year, one that has been fuller than ever with opportunities for ministry of the Gospel. Then we want to thank the Lord for you who have stood with us by your prayers and encouragements.

2010 Review

  • In July Murungi Igweta joined me in the Eldership.

  • 10 new members were added during the year, with still others on the way.

  • We enjoyed unity and peace in the church.

  • The Pastors’ Theological Course (PTC) continued very encouragingly with most of the students faithfully coming and completing their assignments; on my part I was also able to mark all the work given me.

  • 2 visits were made to Rendille. Despite various kinds of opposition, progress was made, especially with the Patrick Ochieng family settling to labour in Korr.

  • 3 visits were made to Pokot North. Both churches and schools are progressing under the 3 trained leaders and it has been agreed to start training another brother. It is becoming increasingly difficult to provide the 30+ salaries for the teachers employed in the schools. A secondary school under the sponsorship of the church is due to begin in the new year in Kasei.

  • More than 20 churches were represented at the Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya (RBAK) meetings in February in Oyani; and 50 brethren came to the Pastors’ Conference in Nairobi in April where they had to listen to me on the Holy Spirit rather than Geoffrey Thomas who was unable to travel because of the Icelandic volcano.

  • Youth camps. The school year ends in November, and December is always a time for youth to come together. In Oyani (South Nyanza) 100 youth met for a week from 4 churches; also in Kasei (Pokot North) there were 100 from the 10 churches. Some of our youth from Nairobi and 4 from Olgumi went to Miathene to join with 40+ from there and led by Murungi (who comes from Miathene).

  • Many other visits were made to Association churches in other parts of the country throughout the year.

  • S0mal1 ministry. Our brother and Deacon Mohamed was resettled in the States where he continues a ministry among his own people. Another was baptized and there continue to be new contacts. Abdi from Ethiopia broadcasts the Gospel.

  • Early in the year a first visit to South Sudan to make contact with the brethren of the Trinity Baptist Churches of Sudan and their leader, David Awan Malek.

2011 Preview

  • We return on January 11th. from our time in UK with the children.

  • The PTC begins on January 12th. and we expect 5 new students in addition to the 10 who will continue.

  • A further visit to encourage the work in Rendille is planned.

  • In February the Association meetings will be held in Pokot North (Kamketo) and Geoffrey Thomas will be visiting, Lord willing.

  • In April we will again host the Pastors’ Conference in Nairobi and Gary Brady from London will be our guest.

  • God willing, we shall receive new members, our depleted Diaconate will be augmented, and we shall be looking for a further Elder.

We ask you to continue in fellowship with us through 2011.

In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

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