Trinity Christian School

We thank the Lord for giving us Neli, one of our younger church members as a teacher at Trinity Baptist Classical Christian School. Being Reformed, she is well placed to help the church in outworking Biblical principles on Christian education at the school. We are already seeing fruit in this regard in areas like Bible study and catechism and yet this is coupled with good academic rigour.

The school is still at Kindergarten level only. We are using a christian classical education approach and thank the Lord for a good curriculum that He has provided for us.

We pray that the Lord will help us in a number of areas:

  1. That we will have a stronger school committee at this start-up phase.
  2. That we will be able to fully comply with government requirements and as a result then open our doors to the public. This needs money for which we pray that the Lord graciously provides.
  3. We presently have one class with 3 pupils. May the Lord help us to faithfully educate them for godliness.

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