Brother Eric Omondi Abwao was duly recognized as an Elder/Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church on December 21st. in the morning service. We had two other churches represented, Joshua Karani of Faith Reformed Baptist in Nairobi, and David Awan Malek of the Trinity Baptist Churches of South Sudan. The other brother was John Muketha the chairman of our Deacons. Pastor Murungi led the service and I was told he “conducted it very soberly, even gravely.” The brother were are next considering for the Eldership later in 2015 wrote, “I enjoyed seeing it, though with some trepidation as I pondered the oaths that Eric took for the sake of God’s people, and thought of the probability of taking them as well. The men who prayed did so very earnestly. I was particularly moved by Karani’s prayer.” We know you are praying with us for a strong, united Eldership that will lead the church forward in the ways of the Lord in the years to come.


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