2013, No. 5 (5/6/13)

Dear Brethren

1. USA.

(1) Our basic reason for going to the States for the past month has been to visit our oldest son Jonathan and his family. This is a picture of them at the Cleveland Zoo with lovely Kenyan giraffes in the background. Please pray for Jonathan as he struggles in the difficult area of house appraisals. Pray also that they would be encouraged spiritually. In the last year they have had disappointments in 2 churches and are now looking for a church structure that is family integrated.


You can see it was quite cold, even though it was towards the end of May!   We are not used to such cold temperatures.

(2) We also had the opportunity to visit a number of churches and friends in Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey and Indiana. The weekend Missions Conference at the end of April was an encouragement, together with fellow labourers, David Vaughn in France, and Stan Line from Bolivia. We trust there will be fruit as we continue to pray for the Lord to send out labourers into His harvest fields for there is still ‘much land to be possessed’. Our dear S0mal1 brother, MO, who now resides in Washington State, was able to be with us for that long weekend. Of course, we wanted to fellowship with him face to face again, being much nearer, and we wanted him to be in fellowship with brethren here. Lord willing, he would like to return to Kenya in a couple of years’ time to minister to his people there.

2. U.K.

God willing we shall be in the U.K. for more than 2 months, until mid-August. We shall be based in Liverpool, where Deborah and her 2 children, and Matthew are staying. As well as being with them, we shall spend 2 weeks in Aberystwyth with our home church (Alfred Place Baptist), and we will make visits to various parts of the country to fellowship with supporting churches and friends. The Lord has blessed us with such a faithful group of supporters, without which (humanly speaking) we could not have ministered in Kenya all these years. I also hope to get on with many projects I have not been able to complete in Kenya, such as marking the PTC work of the students, and writing a series of leaflets on Biblical Answers to Common Questions.


What has been happening in Kenya in the past month? I am thankful that Pastor Murungi has been fully sharing with me. We had been hoping to hear sermons from our website but I am noticing that none have been downloaded for a long time (www.trinity.or.ke).

o PTC. A British Pastor, Oliver Allmand-Smith came to teach the students for the 6 days in May. All reports I have received say how much his teaching of the Ethics course was appreciated. One student even tried to preach what he had taught only to find himself out of his depth!

o Meaty Forum. The second Friday evening of the month was for the Forum on the subject of Church Leadership. Apparently it was very controversial when it got to the area of the role of women, but many also testified how helpful it was to have the Scriptures faithfully taught.

o Christian School. This has now started as a cross between a school and home schooling, involving the 3 families who have been most concerned to see this development take place.

Please keep praying for the word of the Lord to be honoured.

In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

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