2012, No.9 (26/06/12)

Dear Brethren
Greetings in the Lord Jesus Christ from Nairobi.

1. TBC Nairobi
We have had the joy of 3 new members in the past few months.  There are many others who are seriously interested and a few who have recently professed faith.  What an encouraging time the Lord is giving us!  Most Sunday mornings, when we have the largest attendance, I preach on Ephesians and have got up to 4:29.  There has been rapt attention to these very practical sermons on Truth Telling, Anger, Work, and Christian Talk, as well as Pastor Murungi’s message on Boldness in Witnessing (you can listen at www.trinity.or.ke). 
The spiritual situation in Nairobi is sad, with so much emphasis on ‘prosperity’ and entertainment.  One young man and his sister visited for the first time and the comment was, ‘The service was simple and Biblical.’  We are seeking to make use of home Bible study groups around the city, developing the websites, publication of our magazine Grace & Truth (you can read it on the website), and encouraging the monthly Meaty Forum.  There were at
least 50 young adults present in June for the Meaty Forum for the subject ‘The Marks of a Christian’.  On 13th July the subject will be ‘Struggling with Sin’.  Please pray that the lives of many young people will be impacted.  Many are coming into contact with the Reformed Faith through the internet but they have not known of the existence of a Reformed Church. It is the season of graduation ceremonies from the many Universities. The daughter of one
of our long-standing members was graduating and I was invited to preach at the party at the near-by home.  Although Susan does not attend TBC there was a lot of singing of Christian songs by the women present (by far the majority), I preached on Matthew 16:26 and another women spoke at length to Susan from Romans 13:1-6 that when she enters the work place she must submit to authority.  Apart from eating, what else would one do at a
‘graduation party’?  Such is a prevailing culture here in Kenya and it does provide so many opportunities to preach the Word.

2. Newest Members:
Alice is a younger sister of Charity, Pastor Murungi’s wife.  She has blossomed as a Christian having been in Nairobi this year.
Florence has been a Christian for many years but felt she
had to leave her former Baptist Church because she was being pushed to lead in public worship.

3. Miathene
This is where I first came to Kenya in 1968, so I have a very great interest here.  It is located just east of Mt. Kenya near the town of Meru.  Almost 20 years ago a church was started and it grew rapidly.  But because of leadership problems it has gone through hard times.  Last week Pastor Murungi and I had to make a 2 day visit there (it is also Murungi’s home) to help them deal with one of the three Pastors who has acted unruly.  We are praying that this
situation will lead to a reformation in the church, many of whom are illiterate people who are easily led astray.  The 2 remaining pastors are educated men, but do not have any theological training.  There is a great need for someone to be sent there to help re-establish the church.  

4. P.T.C.
From 11th-18th July the 7 Pastoral Theological Course students come again.  We shall complete Unit E on The Gospels and Acts and cover Unit J on Hermeneutics.  This small group is a delight to teach, but do continue to pray that the Lord will raise up others who can help in this vital work of training.  

1. With thanksgiving for the blessings we are knowing as a church.
2. Meaty Forum on ‘Struggling with Sin’ on July 13th.
3. The PTC from July 11th to 18thand my teaching.
4. Peace and stability in the church in Miathene.
5. The security situation in Kenya.

In Christ’s service,
Keith & Priscilla Underhill