2012, No. 4 (15/3/12)

Dear Brethren

Greetings in Christ’s name from Nairobi.  We are thankful to the Lord for your continuing fellowship in the gospel.  In this email we are still catching up with past events which came thick and fast at the beginning of the year.

Association (13-16/2)
The Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya (RBAK) consists of member churches that hold to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith.  Delegates meet annually at a different venue in Kenya and the Chairman is the host Pastor for the year leading up to the meeting.  In February we met at Glory Baptist Church, Chebang’ang’ (near Kericho), surrounded by tea plantations. 

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There were 23 delegates representing 29 churches, most of which are members.  8 others sent their apologies.  It was a rich time of fellowship with brethren from different parts of the country.  There was ministry all done by ourselves, and reports from the churches.  What struck me is that hardly any of the churches are growing, but we trust the brethren returned home to their ministries encouraged to take heed to themselves and to the flock. 
Three of the member churches now have their own independent registration with the Kenyan Government, so that it is not made up only of churches registered under Trinity Baptist Church.  Four churches officially joined, so we are seeing growth in the Association.  We discussed having closer fellowship by being involved in visiting each other’s churches especially when there are the annual youth/men/women’s Conferences hosted by a number of the churches.  Many felt the need for starting projects for self-sustainability, as there is almost no support forthcoming from the memberships.  The idea of a RBAK newsletter was floated. 
We were privileged to have a Kenyan brother with us who is serving the Lord in South Sudan, working amongst the unreached Nyangatom people.  We were all greatly challenged by his zeal as he is there with his family with no personal transport, no mobile phone system, and the nearest transport and shop 50 kms. away.  What a privilege to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard.

Wedding (18/2)

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Various things have made us consider very seriously encouraging church planting in other areas of Nairobi.  Of course, there is the need for such churches where the word of God is truly taught and lived out, but we now also have many zealous younger men who live in various parts of the city.  There seems to be a hunger amongst many for a strong Biblical faith.  Just the other week we were contacted by a man who has been transformed by learning about the Reformed Faith from the internet, without ever having met such a one in person.  Please PRAY with us as we seek to develop a vision.  We want to use different homes as preaching points.  We will also make more use of the internet/website.  The sermons are videoed.  On Sunday 2 of the brethren were telling me about an audio clip they have made of my preaching about Christ.  We have such talented and eager brethren.  One brother wants to use the TV to get the gospel message out; others are starting a public forum once a month.  The 2nd. issue of our re-launched magazine, Grace & Truth, is just about to be distributed.  One thing we are sure about is that without the powerful work of the Holy Spirit nothing lasting will happen.  To this end we want to give ourselves to prayer.  Yet today seems to be a day of great opportunity.

Pastoral Theological Course (PTC) (14-21/3)
The students came yesterday, Wednesday, to complete the Unit on the Doctrine of the Bible, and to study the next Unit on the Doctrine of God.  I have spent much of the last few weeks seeking to mark their work, something I am so relieved I have been able to accomplish.  Please PRAY that it will be a blessed time, and please continue to pray that the Lord will raise up others to help in the teaching.

In Christ’s service,
Keith Underhill

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