P. T. C.

The students came for the 2nd. time this year, March 11-18, including 2 from Pokot North, Peter Nalunyit (Wasat) and Stephen Ong’ulo (Kasei). They were taught The Gospels and Acts by visiting teachers, Geoffrey Thomas (long time pastor in Aberystwyth, Wales, our home church), and former pastor Stephen Turner from New Zealand. We are very thankful to the Lord for their coming and their teaching.


Here are the students in the lecture room, many with their computers. The front two are from TBC Nairobi, Vincent (left) who we are seeking to set aside as an elder in some months, and Peter (right) who is very interested in ministering to the Rendille people. There was also David Awan Malek (back centre) from South Sudan who would like to return every 2 months for the PTC, but the only way is by air and the cost is great.

Pastoral Theological Course (PTC)

The 8 students came for the 6th. and last time this year, 6-13th. November. Our course was The Letters of Paul. It was a rich time as we were able to go through large chunks of the Scriptures. This always tends to be an eye-opener as there is no background of going through Scriptures verse by verse.

We have also agreed to admit 4 new students to add to the 8. Others who have applied have been deferred to 2015 Lord willing. 2 out of the 6 times in 2014 there will be visiting lecturers. Please PRAY that (1) there will be more such guest lecturers as the amount of work involved in teaching and marking is too much for me together with other responsibilities, and (2) that we will find a suitable online course that will enable a few of our brethren to do more studies so that they can teach the PTC themselves in the future.

2013, No. 6 (28/6/13)

Dear Brethren,

This time I have asked Oliver Allmand-Smith, Pastor at Ramsbottom Trinity Grace Church (U.K.) to report on his visit to Nairobi in May in our absence.


Between Tuesday May 7th and Wednesday May 15th I was invited by Trinity Baptist Church Nairobi to minister God’s word in various contexts. It had been five years since my last visit, and I was full of anticipation as the time drew near. It proved to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding weeks of ministry in my life. There were four main aspects of the ministry:

The Pastoral Theological Course

My principal responsibility for the week was teaching the students in the PTC. They were a mixed group in terms of education and spiritual maturity, but the hunger for learning and the depth of their interaction was most profound.

Our subject for the six days of study was “Christian Ethics”, and we spent the first three days constructing the hermeneutical framework required to understand and apply the law of God as it is fulfilled in Jesus Christ. We rejoiced to see how the Lord Jesus takes the law of God and by His Spirit writes it, not upon tablets of stone, but upon the fleshy tablets of human hearts. We then spent the rest of our time examining the second table of the law and working out the details in the context of Kenyan culture. This was a real challenge for me, as you can imagine, and I was greatly dependent upon the input of the men – I was not disappointed! Time and again we were able to apply the principles we had learned to the details of the pastoral challenges the men were facing, and their faces positively lit up as they realised the truth of II Timothy 3:16&17… We concluded by considering topics such as guidance, conscience, prayer, church and state and the fear of God.

Each day began at 9am with a devotional word and prayer from the men themselves, followed by teaching from 10am to 5 or 6pm depending on our energy levels and the ground we needed to cover. They worked hard! Even when we had finished for the day, many of them stayed to study late into the night. It was impressive to see their level of commitment.

There were 9 men on the course, with three others visiting on different days. Several were from Nairobi, others from different parts of Kenya, and one man had travelled from Sudan. One of the visitors who came for two days was a Somali believer.

The highlight of the week came on the final morning when one of the brothers led the devotional. His text was I Corinthians 2:2, “For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.” He was from a charismatic background and only recently persuaded of the doctrines of grace. He explained that his ministry up to that time had been about himself, and not about the Lord: his experiences, his gifts, his preaching, his access to the Holy Spirit, his energy, his leadership, and so on. He told us that he would often get up on a Sunday morning in the church, read a text, put his Bible down, and with no preparation just tell the people whatever came into his head! It was all about him. He then said that he was determined, by the grace of God, to change completely. It would no longer be about him but about the Lord Jesus. Through our studies he had come to realise that the power is in the Word of God, not in himself: his task was to expound the message of Christ from the scriptures, and let God speak to the people.

The brother was a confident and self-assured man by nature, yet now he was nervous and actually shaking! He was deeply moved and humbled under God’s word. I was in tears. It was a privilege to play a small part in the great work TBC Nairobi is doing through the PTC, training the minds and hearts of these men, equipping them effectively for their ministry.

The Meaty Forum

On the Friday afternoon we headed across Nairobi to a large church building near to the university for the “Meaty Forum.” Our driver for the day had not arrived, so I offered to take the wheel for my first experience of driving in Nairobi. With no road signs, no road markings, endless potholes and very few rules (or at least, very few drivers abiding by the rules) it was my greatest challenge in a motor vehicle! Folks were travelling around roundabouts the wrong way, ignoring red lights and just careering all over the road! The fact that we got there and back in one piece with no (outward or visible) damage to the car or its passengers is a testimony to God’s sovereign grace. On one occasion, we ended up travelling up a slip road in the wrong direction – I had better not tell you how we got out of that spot of bother…

The “Meaty Forum” is a remarkable meeting! It was launched about a year ago by a couple of students in membership at TBC Nairobi. They decided to take different subjects that were important to serious Christians and put on an evening of messages and discussion. They hired a large room in one of Nairobi’s bigger churches and now between 60 and 100 students from many different spiritual backgrounds gather each month to hear God’s word.

The subject we were addressing was Biblical Church Government. I was to give the introduction to the theme, then Pastor Murungi (elder at TBC Nairobi) spoke on the qualifications for leaders, and finally Pastor Ken (elder at another Nairobi church) spoke on the attitude of Christians towards their leaders. Each speaker spoke for half an hour, and then we had an hour of questions! No singing, no presentations, no breaks, no entertainment – just messages and discussion of the word of God. Many of them are from charismatic churches, but they were all in dead earnest about understanding the word of God. The main topic of discussion for these students was the role of women in ministry, and although the questions were strongly worded, the answers we gave were carefully considered and there seemed a real concern to understand the will of the Lord.

It certainly was a “meaty” evening! To see all those students spending their Friday evening in serious study of the word of God was moving.

This is a tremendous opportunity to mould the hearts and minds of a coming generation and time alone will tell what an impact it may have on the future of the church in Kenya.

The Men’s Breakfast

On Saturday morning, 20 or so men from the church gathered to share breakfast together. I spoke from Philippians 2 on the example of Timothy and Epaphroditus who were reliable, committed and zealous men in their service of Christ and His people. There was a warm response and a sincere concern to apply the lessons to their own lives.

The Lord’s Day

The Lord’s Day was a great joy!

We began with all-age Sunday school. The adult class was led by Murungi, who began a series of studies in the spiritual disciplines. His text was I Timothy 4:7, “train yourselves unto godliness”. It was a timely reminder of our need to focus upon the means of grace God has given for our own spiritual benefit and growth.

In the morning service I spoke from Genesis 5 on the kindness of God, and in the afternoon from I Thessalonians 5:12-15 on the characteristics of an “edification church.” The congregation, which numbered about 100 in the morning and 50 in the afternoon, were attentive and alert to the word of God. They appreciated ministry that faithfully expounded the truths of God’s word. It is clearly what they are used to! Praise the Lord.

We also broke bread together in the afternoon, and it was a great joy to see the unity and warmth of fellowship around the Lord’s Table. This is a congregation that is growing in its communion. The highlight of the day was to hear one of the men pray for the needs of the fellowship – he prayed with genuine concern and compassion, as a man whose heart was in tune with the heart of Christ. He prayed as one who loved the people with the love that flows from the cross itself. May God continue to bless His church in Nairobi and add many more such men to their number.


We do thank the Lord for the way He is keeping the brethren in Nairobi. Two brethren from America will be coming to teach the PTC in July. Our many visits in UK are going well and we are greatly encouraged by the fellowship of many brethren.

In Christ’s service,

Keith Underhill

2013, No. 4 (22/4/13)

Dear Brethren

Greetings in the Lord from Liverpool, England, where we are spending a long weekend en route to the States. Getting ready to be away from home for 4 months is always arduous with pastoral ministry continuing to the time of departure. And this time there were also two big meetings to be involved with.

1. Trinity Baptist Leaders’ Meeting (April 2-4)

Every local church must be either registered with the Government or be covered by the registration of another church. When new churches start they naturally operate under the registration of Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi. We recommend them to seek their own independent registration when they have a functioning leadership in place. Five churches have so far gone this way. There are presently more than 30 under our registration and we called the leaders together for these few days of fellowship. Having had to postpone the Association meetings because of the elections, and there being no Pastors’ Conference this year, we felt the need of fellowship together. They came from various parts of the country and we were thankful for the peace in the country that made it possible.

TBC Leaders 2013

Pastor Murungi and I ministered to them: Acts 20:28 on taking heed to oneself and to the flock, fellowship among sister churches, guidelines for the local church, theological training, church finances, constitutional requirements. We also had extensive reporting on the progress on each of the churches. We trust they returned to their appointed fields of labour with much vigour for the great task of the day is to preach the word in season and out of season.

As Elders in Nairobi we find taking responsibility for these churches until they grow to maturity a heavy one, especially the financial aspects – constant requests for support of leaders either by regular funding or setting up income generating projects, and to make contributions for funerals and even weddings, sicknesses and transport to meetings. This is undoubtedly the most difficult aspect of our ministry that we are seeking to turn over completely to our deacons.

2. Reformation Conference (April 10-13)

Let me give you some background to this encouraging development in Kenya! A few years back Bill & Tessa Sked found themselves in Mumias, west Kenya. They come from Queensland, Australia and their daughter, who had worked in Africa, encouraged them to visit. They were converted from atheism in mid-life, went through many years in the charismatic movement, and now find great joy in the doctrines of grace and very openly proclaiming this Biblical truth. I do not know how it was that they came to Mumias, except that there must have been a divine imperative. Yet, here they were, preaching in a church pastored by Noah Ikari. He called upon a near-by pastor, Elly Achok to translate. That one hour was life transforming as Billy preached the true gospel. For a number of weeks Elly wrestled with the reformed doctrines until he was firmly convinced of their truth. Elly was put into contact with us and he has completed the three years of training in our PTC in Nairobi. He preached for his older brother Barnabas in Mombasa who was concerned at the changes from the ‘Word of Faith’ ministry they had been immersed in for a decade. Barnabas is now in his 2nd. year in the PTC, and Noah joined at the beginning of 2013.

Bill & Tessa Sked

This is the third ‘Reformation Conference’ to be hosted by Elly Achok and the church in Mumias (named Gospel Missions Agency). Each year it has grown substantially. From Wednesday-Friday there were 100-150 present, the vast majority from charismatic backgrounds, with a contingent of more than 20 from Uganda, and even a few from Rwanda and Burundi. Saturday saw 400 gathered for the first graduation of 30 men and women from ‘The School of Wisdom’, a 9 month training course thoroughly committed to the precious Reformation truths.


What I found so encouraging, after ministering here in Kenya for 40 years, was the very open and direct preaching of the doctrines of grace. The theme was: What’s wrong with the Gospel? Elly Achok opened the Conference with ‘Is there no physician here?’ (Jeremiah 8:22) and gave 4 reasons from the chapter why God judges, with the obvious application that Kenya is ripe for judgment. Bill Sked had 5 sessions on the content of the Authentic Gospel. I myself had 6 sessions on Romans 8:28-30 and the ‘Golden Chain’. Barnabas Olare from Mombasa has 2 sessions on the Characteristics of False Teaching – misconceptions about God (Acts 17:16-31), and misconceptions about man (Romans 3:9-18). To many these truths were totally new and there was much mental wrestling (and we trust in the heart also) as was shown by the long list of questions for the Q & A session. May the Lord give abundant fruit for His glory. PRAY for brothers Elly & Barnabas as they lead this work.

Achok Family

3. For Prayer

(1) Progress of the Biblical Gospel in Kenya. We have great opportunities in Nairobi:

  • Meaty Forum – This continues the 2nd. Friday evening of every month with 60-100 young adults in attendance.
  • TV Station – We have been offered the possibility of having a digital station and a number of brethren are seriously looking into its viability for us.
  • Christian School – A number of our families have seen the deficiencies in the typical education facilities in Kenya and want something specifically Christian.
  • PTC – It will continue in my absence with brethren from UK and USA coming to teach in May and July.
  • Pastor Murungi – Although we will be in regular contact by email there is a very heavy weight of responsibility on him as the only Elder.

(2) Leave in USA. From April 23 to May 28 we are in the States. For the first 2 weeks we shall be in the State of Pennsylvania, first at a weekend Missions Conference and then visiting a number of other churches in the east of the State. For the last 3 weeks we shall be with son Jonathan and family in Ohio, with a weekend visit to a church in Indiana. Please PRAY that we shall be refreshed and useful to the Lord in His kingdom.

In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

2013, No. 3 (22/03/13)

Dear Brethren

Greetings in the Lord from a wet, peaceful Kenya, and from a greatly blessed people!


We are so thankful to the Lord that the General Elections have so far been peaceful. At present there is a Court case to challenge the result of the Presidential vote. If it is upheld then there will be a run-off between the 2 front-runners. However we still felt constrained to cancel 2 ministries. The ‘Meaty Forum’ was to be held just 3 days before voting and there was nervousness making even some public transport not operate after 7 p.m. (darkness), and the Forum does not finish until 8 p.m. I also cancelled the visit to Pokot North as it was not considered wise for me to drive through certain politically sensitive areas so near to the elections. Two Sundays before I sought to give a much broader perspective by preaching on Daniel 2 and showing so obviously that even the greatest of the kingdoms of this world shall be destroyed, and only the kingdom of God will remain for ever. How much we need this eternal perspective as the world presses so closely.


Nine students came from March 13-20. John Malala did not make it, but we had a new participant, Buba Okwier. Buba is from the Anyuak community in South Sudan on the border with Ethiopia, the town of Pochalla. He only has primary school education but we believe this is another good opportunity to bring the Biblical gospel into the country. 80% of the 8 million claim to be Christians but there has been so little teaching that it doubtful how many know the gospel of Jesus Christ. The country is wide open, so let us PRAY for the Lord to send more labourers into this part of His harvest field.

PTC Students with Geoff Thomas & Bill Emberley

Pastors Geoff Thomas (Aberystwyth, Wales) and William Emberley (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada) did all the teaching, on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. It was so much appreciated on all sides. At the finale the students presented the 2 with a framed picture of them with their teachers. Geoff & Bill were so impressed by the maturity and ability of the students, who kept up a barrage of questions day after day! I have started to mark the work from their previous studies in January on the Doctrine of Christ. There are the usual things that need strengthening – reading more, making use of the information in the reading to answer the questions, answering carefully my question and not copying from a book, explaining instead of just quoting Scriptures. The work load is great and they will struggle, but may they become men mighty in the Scriptures like Apollos.

35th. Anniversary weekend

What a blessed time of worship, ministry and fellowship we had.

(1) Friday. At the Dine & Listen in the evening we had 85 diners, at least 30 being guests, and Geoff Thomas preached on ‘What is Christianity?’It is a Person, an interpretation and an experience.

130315 Dine & Listen

(2) Saturday. This was a day for the current members of the church. Most of the members were present although a few had to work. We started with Geoff Thomas reminding us of the central theme of the Scriptures, Jesus Christ and His suffering – His physical, emotional, social and spiritual suffering. I then gave a power point presentation of the history of the church from the time I first came to Kenya in 1968 to 1993, 20 years ago, by which time we had occupied the present building. We met in my house for the first 11 years. 11 of us brethren have been members for more than 20 years. This was followed by some brethren giving thanks to God for the blessings they have received through the ministry of the church, and prayers of thanksgiving. After a delicious lunch prepared by the young adults, Geoff & Bill prepared us for saying a covenant together in which we repeated our commitment to fulfilling the 10 responsibilities of members as in our church constitution. We finished the day with the Lord’s Supper and a time of prayer.

(3) Sunday. So many of us spent the whole day together again, including non-members. Bill Emberley started the day in the Adult Sunday School with a presentation of the relationship between love and the truth, helpfully finishing with Philippians 1:9.

Geoff Thomas preached on ‘So Great Salvation’ because we have a Great Saviour, infinitely greater than prophets, angels, the Universe, equal with God, and amazingly compassionate.

The ladies of the church somehow made lovely food to feed around 100 people with left overs! The day together was completed with our afternoon service starting an hour earlier than usual and Bill Emberley preaching on Gal. 4:1-7.

130317 Sunday Congregation


1. Trinity Baptist Church Leaders Conference in Nairobi April 3-4. We want to encourage the brethren as many labour alone, and we had to postpone the Association to later in the year, and we do not have a Pastors’ Conference this year.

2. Reformation Conference in Mumias (west Kenya) April 10-13. I shall be speaking 6 times on the Golden Chain in Romans 8:28-30.

3. Visit to UK & USA.

We hope to be seeing many of you soon. Please keep praying for us and the ministry here in Kenya. In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

2013, No. 1

Dear Brethren

The New Year has started off differently:

  • Rain instead of the usual hot weather with clear blue skies
  • Very busy with a 10 day safari to north Kenya, and teaching PTC students
  • Many visitors to the services


After preaching in our New Year’s Day service on Hebrew 13:8, I left with 2 of our young people for 10 days in north Kenya. Dominic has finished one year of the PTC. Jimmy is a fairly recent church member. We stopped for the night in Miathene (east of Mt. Kenya) with Paul Kianji, with whom I taught when I first came to Kenya in 1968! The church here has been in upheaval since one of the Pastors refused to accept his dismissal . We have been forced to go to court to seek to get him removed. The wheels of justice can go so slowly. I encouraged the other Pastors to re-gather the sheep and seek to meet in another place.


(1) On 2nd. January we drove up to Korr, one of the main centres for Rendille people. I was a bit apprehensive because Patrick Ochieng’, the trained missionary leader, has had to go because of serious failures. But we found the 20 or so faithful members and the 3 evangelist-leaders together.

Joseph Ogom has just a few years’ education, so at least he is literate! Ruygon Nadesol and Godana Dabalen have no formal education. These are the ones leading the church. PRAY they may be faithful, especially in taking the gospel far and wide. Perhaps someone from outside can come to help them for a while until the Lord should be pleased to raise up more qualified leaders.


We were encouraged by the 40 or so adults and young people who gathered for worship on Sunday morning. The place of meeting we call ‘the shade’ is behind Nadesol and Ogom. Further back is the permanent stone building that has stalled because of the problems. We also made some visits outside the town to the goobs that surround. Farakoren is more than 20 kms. west and we went with a young man named Gabriel who has just completed his Secondary Schooling. He is from a Catholic background but professes to be saved. He was in our High School Camp in Nairobi in December. We were able to preach the gospel to around 25 adults under a tree outside the goob. Afterwards as we drank delicious tea in Gabriel’s sister’s hut I asked her what she had learned from the preaching. It was encouraging to hear her say, ‘Everyone has sin and must change’. It was my opportunity to press on her that only the Lord can bring about that change. Before leaving some leaders requested that we bring a church so that there is regular preaching, and that we help them in supporting the Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher.

This is the Nahgaan goob (village). We are standing outside the hut of Ali Leeba (2nd. left). He professes to be a Christian but hardly ever comes to worship as he stays with his animals in the ‘foor’ = a temporary settlement as they move about looking for pasture for the animals.


Timo Galgatho (1st. left) is inside her hut. She is a widow, baptized upon profession of faith in Christ. Widows do not remarry so can face hardships with children to care for. We asked her about the dried branches at the entrance to the hut which say she has participated in the ‘sooriyo’ tradition. She says she does not participate but the wazee (men leaders) force her. We have suggested that such believers come to the town at such times to be with other Christians.


(2) On 7th. January we drove the 30 kms. south to the Lekuchula goob at the foot of Mt. Bayo. Again I was not sure what I would find as there had been rumours that another church had sought to take over our Primary School. This proved to be quite unfounded as we met with Mario and the 2 faithful ladies here – Ntiito and Nduruba. They told us they meet for worship on Sunday with up to 20 present. One of the things we have to seek to do soon is to help both Ogom and Mario with simple materials to help them in their preaching.

At the Lekuchula goob multitudes of animals – camels, cows, goats and sheep – leave early morning. We go under the tree outside the goob to have our devotions together.


Dominic & Jimmy are with a ‘moran’ (young unmarried men who look after the animals). He slaughtered a goat for us to eat.


(3) On 8th. January we drove another 25 kms. south-east across the now dry Malgis River. Raphael Bulkash is labouring to plant a church among the 4 goobs of Ndikir. We were pleasantly surprised that the Government has built one classroom here as the beginning of a Primary School, has sent a Headteacher, and has listed Trinity Baptist Church as the sponsor! Spiritually Raphael is finding it hard with no positive spiritual response. However, we were so encouraged when we visited more interior Losidan where we also sponsor a Primary School. The village leader is an illiterate man called Lepakio. When we arrived he went from hut to hut waking people up to come and hear the preaching, and even stopped men from playing their favourite board game. On arrival we received the sad news that a lady had died a few days before after giving birth. She was a third wife and it was her first child. This was the occasion to talk about death. Why do we die? How does Jesus Christ save us from death? We also had to pay attention to a boy who had fallen into a fire and had a severely burned back. As we later drank tea with Lepakio I remarked that it is hard for him to follow the message of the gospel for it is a straight and narrow way and demands leaving the old life. His reply was gripping. ‘Did you not see how I sought to bring everyone to hear the Word? That is how much I desire it for myself! I wish I am like Nadesol, although illiterate like me, yet able to tell others the word of God.’ We pray that the Gospel is beginning to take root in a place where there is total spiritual darkness.


Please pray for wisdom and strength, and especially for the Lord to use the following ministries in the first few months of 2013, in addition to the normal weekly ministries.

  1. Pastoral Training Course (PTC) in January & March.
  2. Resumption of Meaty Forum, 2nd. Friday of each month.
  3. AGM, 9th. February.
  4. Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya (RBAK) meetings 15-18th. February here in Nairobi.
  5. Ministry in Pokot North at the end of February.
  6. General elections on March 4th. that we earnestly pray will end peacefully, not like 5 years ago.
  7. 35th. Anniversary of beginning of Trinity Baptist Church, Nairobi, 15-17th. March, with Pastor Geoffrey Thomas as our guest.
  8. Reformation Conference in west Kenya (Mumias) 10-14th. April at which hundreds are expected to attend!

We thank God for your continued fellowship, support and prayers.

In Christ’s service,

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

2012, No.15 (19/11/12)

Dear Brethren

Greetings in Christ’s name from Nairobi. This is a quick email to solicit your thanksgiving and prayer for us.

Pastoral Theological Course (PTC)

From 7 th to 14 th November I taught the last session this year, on Reformation Church History and Apologetics. 4 of the 7 students have now finished their course work in Nairobi. All that remains is to finish some assignments at home, complete the 2 papers, and then they will graduate. The students have been a tremendous encouragement to me by their faithfulness and we had a lovely time of reflection and prayer with a small cake on the last afternoon. Microsoft Word - 2012, No. 15.docx

  • Elly Achok returns to his church in Mumias (West Kenya) having grown so much.
  • Charles Awelo returned to his church at Ihonje (near Mumias) and promptly resigned as it has become clear that the real power behind the church is a polygamous man on whose land the church is built and whose relatives make up most of the congregation. We will pray the Lord leads him into a fruitful ministry.
  • Isaiah Juma returns to Kasei in North Pokot where we have sent him especially to minister to the students in the secondary school.
  • Joseph Mucheru returns to Gilgil (near Nakuru) where he is seeking to plant a church. Our young people will be going there after Christmas for a mission to encourage him in evangelism.

We have agreed on 4 new students to admit for January 2014. We are also hoping that one Sudanese brother from a remote place on the Ethiopian border, Pochalla in Jonglei State, will be able to come. It would be impossible for him to travel each time as one way it would take him at least a week. We are thinking of the possibility of bringing him and his small family to the refugee camp in north Kenya (Kakuma) where many of his people escaped during the civil war, or even to Nairobi.

Church Meeting

We had a congregational meeting on 17 th where the Lord graciously gave us full unity. It is our practice that each pastor is re-evaluated every 3 years and the members again gave me their backing. I told them this will probably be the last time as at 70 I will seek to retire from the leadership of the church. May the Lord raise up more leaders to join with Pastor Murungi!

Pokot North

Tomorrow morning I am leaving early for another week and a half in Pokot North. I am going with Vincent Kajuma, a fairly new member with his wife Maggie, and at the meeting (above) we agreed that he should be one of our 2 interns in 2013, and also that he should join the PTC. Please pray that I will be an encouragement to the brethren there as I bring the word of God to them and exhort them again to put their preaching ministry ahead of school administration.

Priscilla is with Jonathan and family in the States and is due back the beginning of December, Lord willing. Please excuse the haste as it is bed time and I must leave before 06:00 tomorrow morning in order to beat the traffic jam.

In Christ’s service,

Keith Underhill