P. T. C.

The students came for the 2nd. time this year, March 11-18, including 2 from Pokot North, Peter Nalunyit (Wasat) and Stephen Ong’ulo (Kasei). They were taught The Gospels and Acts by visiting teachers, Geoffrey Thomas (long time pastor in Aberystwyth, Wales, our home church), and former pastor Stephen Turner from New Zealand. We are very thankful to the Lord for their coming and their teaching.


Here are the students in the lecture room, many with their computers. The front two are from TBC Nairobi, Vincent (left) who we are seeking to set aside as an elder in some months, and Peter (right) who is very interested in ministering to the Rendille people. There was also David Awan Malek (back centre) from South Sudan who would like to return every 2 months for the PTC, but the only way is by air and the cost is great.

One thought on “P. T. C.

  1. Pastor,
    Greetings to you in the majestic name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this humble and friendly message finds you walking in the favor of God.
    Pastor, God wants to increase you.He wants to enlarge your work and ministry,your vision and mission,your success and strengthen you to fulfill your destiny.
    Pastor, God has called you,chosen you and approved you for his great job of preaching the gospel and win more souls to God.
    God wants you to bring the un-compromised word of God to all who will hear, proclaiming the the Good News to all who will receive it.
    Pastor, No matter ,what you are doing,you are on a mission for God,with God there is no such thing as a mission impossible.when He send you to a mission He makes sure you have the means to succeed very well.
    Pastor, God has a task and a purpose for you.He will be with you and He will accomplish the task through His power , He will equip you and give you the power and courage to accomplish it.
    God is faithful.if He calls you to a task that is greater than your own abilities,He will also give you the people to support the good work you are doing for Him.
    God has a wonderful plan with your life.yes! even before you were born,He planned you in the finest detail.
    God commands us to make more disciples of all nations. that means developing people who are walking behind him,learning from him and seeking to become like him[Colossians 1;-28]
    This specific task which God has for you and nobody else!
    A servant of God is called by God-and is a call from Himself!
    Pastor, God had chosen you for a great commission and solemn work.
    We are requesting you to pray for us and send us teachings.
    Pastor, we are inviting you to come to Africa for the word of God. We need you to minister to our Revival and Reformation conference next year 2016.
    May the Lord be with you, be blessed abundantly. i hope to hear soon from you in Jesus Name.
    Thank you,
    Pastor Stephen and flora

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