Olgumi July 2017

I am writing to inform on our last visit to Olgumi this past Lord’s Day (16th. July).

We had some good time in fellowship with the church over there, with the opportunity to proclaim the gospel to them.

Tedd Atsulu, Nickson Teka and I preached from various texts’

Receive much greetings from them and they say they are thankful for the support and prayers that we have for them.

These are some requests they had:

  1. There is a brother called Moses who has been helping the church there for a while.  The church will be visiting him on the 22nd (10am-2pm) and I think as to their practice to support him financially so they were requesting for our help for him as he helps there.
  2. I got to meet one of Kakoiya’s son who is Class Six.  I met him while he was off herding cattle.  He informed me they normally switch with the other brothers so as to enable each of them get an opportunity to attend to the Lord’s Day.  He is called Alex Saruni Musei, and he is planning for a kid’s seminar in the August holiday from the 4th to 6th of August. There is a breakdown on the ages to be taught, Sunday School, Middle Class and Youth class, and they will be camping at the church premises.  He requested if we can have some brethren to come and help them in teaching the various classes.
  3. I had a request from Kakoyia on his monthly support.  HJe requested if it can be adjusted a bit to help him meet his needs mainly on the drugs he gets to buy and family needs. He requested if possible to raise it to 5000/= and also if possible we can save by bringing to him cash every time we go there since it is monthly.

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