2011, No. 10 (20/5/11)

Dear Brethren

Greetings in Christ’s name.  We are continuing to rejoice in the many encouragements the Lord is giving us.  As a result it has been a very busy last few months and we are ready for a change away from Kenya

West Kenya Fraternals
From 2nd. to 5th. May I was away again in West Kenya, this time our intern George accompanying me.  The purpose was to meet with the two groups of pastors in the area.
On the way to Siaya can you believe that we went past Pres. Barack Obama’s house!  You might know that this is where his father originally came from.
Siaya.  I gave 2 papers: The first on the nature of the local church from 1 Timothy 3:15, and we especially discussed the implications of the church as a household/family.  The second on Christ as the Head of the Church.  There was little interaction as we were all feeling very cold in the open building!  The next Fraternal will be on October 11th. 
Osani.  Again I gave 2 papers: The first on the Unity of the Church (John 17:20-23), the second on Inter-church Relationships (Acts 15).  After lunch there was a lengthy discussion about such relationships.
Many of these men have been through the PTC training in Nairobi over the years.  We pray that they might be men who clearly and zealously preach the gospel of Christ.  We long to see their churches growing.

Kima Church Constituting
On 7th. May 6 of us from the church in Nairobi went to Kima to constitute the church, where we had interviewed prospective members on 16th. April (2009, No. 9).  They had actually constructed a concrete baptismal pool on the open ground as they do not have an enclosed building only a steel skeleton structure.  I preached on Acts 2:37-42 and Murungi baptized 8 brethren.  Then we sat down with the 11 members and joined together around the Lord’s Table.

Nairobi New Members
What a joy to receive 4 more new members Sunday 8th. May!  Three were young men – Dominick, Vincent, Martin.  Priscilla is the wife of member Samuel Muriithi and we rejoice that the family is now united in the church with their little baby.  Vincent and Priscilla were baptized on profession of faith in Christ, having given clear testimonies as to their salvation before the whole congregation.  We have another application for membership and the Lord continues to bring new people.

Our brother AO from Ethiopia, who broadcasts the gospel to his own people, has visited us again.  Last Sunday he brought F who lives in Europe and who makes films in S0mal1 in order to minister in their own language.  He also brought H from Nairobi who is a Christian.  These brethren are not afraid to be openly known as Christians as so many are and are working hard so that S0mal1 Christians might have a stand of integrity.  Two of the long standing older Christians have recently died, one here in Kenya and one in the States.  Our brother MO in the States has a vital role, and I hope to visit him when there in July, over a year since he left us in Nairobi to resettle.

In the past two months three brethren, who trained in the PTC and who for one reason or another had gone away from our fellowship, have returned in repentance.  With difficulties of division we have been having, this is a great encouragement for which we praise the Lord.  May it be the beginning of the healing of the division itself!

Pastoral Theological Course
From 10th. May the PTC students have been here.  We added one extra day to the start and the finish, making a total of 8 days of teaching, to make up for the time I will be away when we will miss the July sessions.  11 students were here, with Peter from Pokot North not being able to make it as his wife and son have contracted smallpox.  We first considered Missions and the History of the Church in Africa, and especially Kenya.  I always put a lot of emphasis on the unreached who are present in Kenya, encouraging them to pray and consider going.  One brother said he was ready!  May the Lord raise up many ‘missionaries’ here in Kenya.  We have also covered the Doctrine of the Church, and the Old Testament Poets.  It is a joy and privilege to teach such men.

Leave Arrangements
Lord willing, we shall be leaving Nairobi for London the evening of 24th. May.
Until 8th. June we shall be in Liverpool with son Matthew.
8th. June – 10th. August we shall be in the States, in Ohio with son Jonathan and family, and also 2+ weeks in Pennsylvania.  Keith will be visiting Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Washington, Oregon and California.
11th. August – 7th. September we shall be in UK, with daughter Deborah and children, and also visiting many friends and churches.
We return to Nairobi arriving the evening of 7th. September.
While away Pastor Murungi will be in charge, helped by the 4 deacons, and a number of other brethren able to preach and teach.

Thank you for your fellowship in the Gospel.

Keith & Priscilla Underhill

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